A Smart Choice
AlphaSmart's Dana is ideal for writers, students and maybe you
The budget-conscious student who values usefulness over flashy features will find a lot to like in AlphaSmart's Dana (2006/06/13)

If anything should have been adaptable, it was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005/04/28)

If you're low on funds, you can still make your own PDFs. Just don't expect all the frills (2004/04/25)

Samurai Jack is a take on samurai films, science fiction, Batman, and quest mythology (2003/11/25)

If the multiple-format Sony DRU-500AX and DRX-500ULX drives didn't exist, someone would have to invent them (2003/11/12)

Robotech and Battle of the Planets show how far TV animation has come—or regressed (2003/11/04)

The free, open-source 1.0 is a viable alternative to Microsoft's pricey Offive suite (2003/11/04)

Usually change for change's sake is bad. Then there's Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (2003/11/02)

Big O and an updated Gatchaman show two different approaches to retro anime (2003/11/02)

Read or Die has the best anime title ever. And the story's not half bad, either (2003/10/10)

Moving your data from a PC to a Mac could be easier, but two utilities ease some of the burden (2003/09/28)

Microtek's ScanMaker 6800's Digital ICE feature performs as advertised, but sometimes the old-fashioned method of photo-correction is best (2003/09/03)

It's hard to find anime that's more like American live-action than Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. That's a compliment, by the way (2003/08/25)

Adobe Acrobat and a trio of third-party programs provide different ways of rolling your own PDFs (2003/07/10)

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