Gillian Anderson
"If this becomes the beginning of something, I think that's fantastic."
Emru Townsend: I was going to ask you about the perceived mainstreaming of the idea of adult animation, but it occurred to me that you have a unique perspective compared to most people I talk to because you're actually in Hollywood. So when you tell someone that you've done a voice for a feature cartoon, in an area that is populated by people who work in some way, shape, or form in the industry, what is their take on that?

Gillian Anderson: It's interesting, because a lot of people have approached me to say that they saw a preview for Mononoke, and how good it looked, and asked me questions about what it was like to work on it, and how great that I'm involved in it, stuff life that. So there's been a very positive response. In fact, I've gotten probably more response from people saying that they saw a preview for my animated film than I have for any other film I've ever worked on. [laughs] It's so funny, but I love that.

Do you see this as being one of those movies that may be one of those things that leads that shift toward--I don't really want to say more adult, because that carries certain connotations with it, but less infantile animation?

I hope so. I really, really hope so. But I hope that it's done in the same way, and it's done with the same degree of respect, the same degree of class, and the same moral values that Miyazaki does, and I hope that it's not taken into a whole other context, that whole, you know... All I can say is that I hope so. My fear is that people will just turn away from this because they don't know how to see an adult-oriented animated film when they have a chance to see that or Sixth Sense, you know what I mean? They don't have that frame of reference, the frame of reference of really enjoying and being moved by something that's animated other than something that they see with their kids on a Sunday afternoon.

If this becomes the beginning of something, I think that's fantastic.

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